Lasagna with minced meat and mushrooms

Ingredients for cooking minced meat and mushrooms

The main

  1. Lasagna sheets 15 pieces
  2. Cheddar or gruyere cheese (grated) 100 grams
  3. Parmesan cheese (grated) 30-50 grams
  4. Olive oil 2 tablespoons
  5. Minced meat (pork, beef) 250 grams
  6. Fresh champignons 250 grams
  7. Carrot 100 grams
  8. Onion 100 grams
  9. Fresh tomatoes 500 grams
  10. Salt 1 teaspoon (no slide)
  11. Ground black pepper to taste
  12. Dried oregano 0.5 teaspoon
  13. 2 cloves of garlic

For bechamel sauce

  1. Butter 30 grams
  2. Wheat flour 1.5 tablespoons
  3. Milk 500 milliliters
  4. 0.5 teaspoon salt or to taste
  5. Nutmeg to taste
  6. Ground white pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Pork, Onions, Carrots, Tomato, Mushrooms
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Baking dish, kitchen knife, cutting board, grater, frying pan, spatula, stewpan, whisk, garlic press, hot pot holders, tablespoon.

Cooking with minced meat and mushrooms:

Step 1: prepare the stuffing.

Minced meat choose mixed. Frozen must be thawed at room temperature, and chilled can immediately be floated.
Attention: It will be ideal if you cook the meat yourself from good pieces of meat.

Step 2: prepare the champignons.

Sort the champignons, cut off the earthy parts of the legs and dark spots, if any. Rinse the mushrooms with running water. After cutting the mushrooms into small cubes or thin slices.

Step 3: prepare the onion.

Peel the onions, rinse with cold running water, rinse the knife as well, and then chop the vegetable by cutting it into small cubes.

Step 4: prepare the carrots.

Peel the carrots, rinse thoroughly with running water and grate on a fine or medium grater.

Step 5: prepare the tomatoes.

Rinse and dry tomatoes with disposable paper towels. Cut the remains of the stalk from their crown. Boil the vegetables in boiling water, and then peel off the tomato.
Cut the prepared pulp of tomatoes into small cubes.
Attention: to make it easier to peel the tomatoes from the skin, I make a cross-shaped incision on them on one side, then dip them on 30 seconds in boiling water, take it out and immediately lower it in a bowl of ice water, after which the peel at the edges of the incisions protrudes and it remains just to pry it and pull it off.

Step 6: prepare the meat filling with mushrooms.

Pour olive oil into the pan, heat it and lay out the previously prepared ingredients: minced meat, mushrooms, onions and carrots. Mix thoroughly, cover the pan, make the fire smaller and simmer everything for 1 hourstirring occasionally.

To the stew with vegetables, add the pulp of a tomato, a few peeled and chopped cloves of garlic, dried oregano, ground pepper and salt. Stir, cover again and continue cooking until the consistency of the filling is drier. It should remain juicy, but without excess water. Usually this step takes from 30 to 40 minutes, but a little more may be required, depending on the juiciness of the tomato. During cooking, do not forget to often mix the contents of the pan so that nothing burns.
When the meat filling is ready, remove the pan from it from the heat and set aside for now.

Step 7: prepare the bechamel sauce.

Now let's get down to the preparation of bechamel sauce. To do this, melt butter in a saucepan over low heat, then add wheat flour to it and mix well, not removing from heat.
Then, a little, literally a couple of tablespoons, add milk. Added, mixed well, breaking all the lumps, you can pour the next portion of milk. And so, until you fill all 500 milliliters.
When you pour out all the milk and stir everything well, make the fire stronger. Continuing to stir the sauce with a whisk, add salt, white pepper and nutmeg to it. Continue cooking until the mass in the stewpan almost thickens. The consistency is similar to low-fat cream.
Remove the prepared bechamel sauce from the heat and let it cool slightly, just to apply it on the sheets of lasagna was more convenient.

Step 8: Prepare Lasagna Sheets

First of all, look at the instructions for preparing your lasagna sheets. If it is said that they need to be welded, then cook, following the instructions in the instructions, if you do not need to cook, as I have, then proceed immediately to the next step.

Step 9: form lasagna with minced meat and mushrooms.

First of all, put the oven to heat up 200 degrees Celsius.
Prepare a baking dish and coat the bottom with bechamel sauce, that's enough 2-3 tablespoons. Stack a fewsheets for climbing so that they do not come on top of each other, but also without holes between them. Put a few tablespoons of stuffing with minced mushrooms on the dough, and then cover 3-4 tablespoons bechamel sauce, sprinkle evenly with a little grated cheese. Lay the lasagna sheets on top again and repeat the other layers in the same order.

The last layer should be only dough plates. Grease them with the remaining bechamel sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese (I always leave more cheese on top than I put in the filling).

Step 10: bake lasagna with minced meat and mushrooms.

Place the lasagna in a preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes. During this time, the cheese is covered with a delicious crust, and the sheets of lasagna are saturated with juicy filling and bechamel sauce.
Ready Lasagna do not rush to serve. After you take the pan out of the oven, let the dish cool 15-20 minutes, and then cut it. In this case, you will get delicious pieces that will not go in all directions.

Step 11: serve lasagna with minced meat and mushrooms.

Serve lasagna with minced meat and mushrooms as a hot dish. This guest from Italy will look good even at the festive table, surprising and delighting guests. Cut the lasagna into neat rectangles and arrange on serving plates. And then try and enjoy.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- It is best to use lasagna sheets that do not require cooking, as they absorb the sauce better and therefore tastier.

- Instead of fresh tomatoes, you can use canned tomatoes, crushed by hand or slightly crushed with a blender.